About Oracle

   Once upon a time, a magickal woman had a dream...to create a salon unlike what I had ever experienced. I desired to bring our care for the Earth, my love and knowledge of plants, the mystic arts and beauty into one fabulous place. I dreamed to create a space where like minded souls could gather, beauty and self care would be recognized as sacred time and products would be as luxurious as they were non toxic. With right timing, some grit, and a little fairy dust, Oracle, a modern day beauty temple was born. 

    Let it be known...this is not just a salon... but a true sanctuary for recharging. Clients can come to learn, gather with other incredible people, relax, pick some divination cards, sip an elixir and vibe out with crystals, while getting pampered and beautified by Mother Earth friendly, organic products served up by a highly skilled professional.

  When you come to Oracle, your time and money are investing in supporting a woman owned business, local economy and global sustainability. I offer you a true diamond in the rough, polished by dreams, hard work, and devotion to all that is beautiful in this world.

                                     Enter the world I call Oracle...

                    and know you will feel the love as soon as you enter the doors.